Thursday, August 11, 2011

Latenight Shenanigans

     I started this blog with the intention of writing about more than movies. So today my topic is late-night antics. I used to do these sorts of things when I had the means. And by "these things" I mean going out at 10 pm and getting home in the early hours of the morn.
     I remember specifically one time, I was in a little podunk town near where I lived and me and a few other people were just sitting around, bored out of our little teenage minds at 1 am. I have no idea how we got to this point but by 2 am we were driving around in our underwear with Tiny Tim full blast. I included the song in the youtube video above. So you can imagine how ridiculous we were. So the inevitable happened. We're all singing along and being almost nude, smoking cigarettes and giggling, when I see the cop lights behind us. As any normal teenager would do when faced with the 5-0, I almost shit myself. My friend driving pulls over and soon enough there the big ol pig is shining his flashlight all up in the car. Grazing the light over my friend in the drivers seat, down to the folks in the backseat (there were about 3, I'm not sure though), and finally the cop gets to me, shining the light all over my bra and boxers looking like the most gender confused piece of fuck on the planet. The only words I can remember him saying was, "Y'all are half nekked in derr." And the next thing we know we're sitting on the side of the highway half nude at 2 am. Good times. I swear I must have about 50 stories like this, so if you enjoyed reading this, let me know!

     Anyway guys, any good stories about shenanigans? I'd love to hear em.


  1. Tiny Tim is the creepiest bastard, I swear. A similar incident happened to me once. xD

  2. My friends and I are too tame to do something like that. Though it does sounds hilarious.

  3. Hah, feel free to tell more for sure! xD