Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Benjamin Button

The next movie up on my list is Benjamin Button. Its a fantasy tale about a man aging backwards in the 1900s. A great story premise, however maybe tedious at times. The special effects were better than I had anticipated, integrating star Brad Pitt's face into each of Benjamin's ages instead of using separate actors as I was expecting. The film doesn't exactly speed up at any point, as one would think it would. Many pros and cons to this film, and certainty not one of the best films ever made but as far as adequate storytelling- this movie does the job.

This movie has a general theme of aging. How do you feel about growing old? I know it sounds like a lame question, but bear with me. I didn't particularly have many things to say about this film.


  1. Definitely an interesting concept, I felt the film was a little too slow for my tastes. The actors were fine, the script was fine, but that was all it was. Fine. An okay movie, nothing flashy. I think your review expressed this fairly will, good post.

  2. Growing old creeps up on you. You will start noticing it mid 20s I'd say.

  3. Jacob McCann: Agree. I thought this movie was kinda slow also.
    I like some other Fincher's movies though.. like two of them: The Game and Fight Club.

    Not sure what to say about aging.. err.. it sucks? :P