Sunday, August 7, 2011

Introduction and Man from Earth

Hopefully I can make this a successful thing considering I was never that good at writing about things that interest me. Maybe this will do well. Maybe it won't.

      Last night I watched a movie called Man from Earth and it was very interesting, albeit visually unstimulating. Taking place essentially within 1 conversation in a room, it was essentially about a man who had lived 14,000 years but had stopped aging at 35. He was a cro-magnon and learned with the human race. What I thought what interesting about this film was that it wasn't about the 14,000 year old man, it was about how the people in the conversation learned about history firsthand and how enraged human beings get when their beliefs about common sense, science, and not to mention religion, get shaken.


  1. I liked this movie. I thought the protagonist was kinda blank and not a good actor, but the movies premise was interesting enough for me to not care too much.

  2. Sounds interesting. really does. i might check it out.